Founded in 2009, this is the 12th year of the company. The head office is in Aoyama, Tokyo 🇯🇵

AUBE HAIR is one of the largest salons in Japan with 270 stores  and 20 stores overseas such as USA(NY, LA, .HAWAI)🇺🇸 Canada🇨🇦, Australia🇦🇺, New Zealand🇳🇿, Hong Kong🇭🇰, Malaysia🇲🇾, Singapore🇸🇬 and Vietnam🇻🇳.Japan HP

Thank you for visiting the AUBE HAIR & SPA website.

AUBE hair & spa is the salon for foreigner who want to communicate in English .

Our hair stylist can speak English and have a lot of experience for foreigner hair

When living abroad, the environment is completely different and I think that we often get a lot of stress.

AUBE staff want to be a store that can solve these problems.

We would like to introduce to our customers who come to AUBE about the five things we value.

1 There are two stylists who can speak English.

At a beauty shop in Vietnam, “What if i can’t communicate with my stylist in English?

“Is it the hairstyle I expected?”

There is no need to worry about such things.

Japanese HIRO was selected from 1,300 AUBE employees,a trusted owner.

and he used to work in Singapore for 3 year .

VIK, a Vietnamese manager, has 5 years of experience in a Canadian salon and 5 years in a Japanese salon,and is very good at English as well as technology.

2 We use high quality chemicals from overseas

Minimize the strain on your hair and scalp by using quality chemicals.

For color, perm and straightening agent, use Milbon made in Japan and Goldwell made in Germany.

we have olaplex and moroccanoil.

We also have the finest treatments imported from Japan that are not sold in Vietnam.


Hair care is essential in Vietnam, because humidity and UV rays are strong

and also tap water is including Fluorine which makes hair and scalp dry.

so we will suggest the treatment that suits your hair condition by counseling.

If you use home care at the same time, it will last longer.

we also have keratin treatment for frizzy hair.

As shown in the picture below, it can be reproduced with just a dryer and a brush. ↓

This below picture is for scalp care.

Using a medical machine from Japan, scalp will be original healthy condition.

The finest products and machines imported from Japan (DR scalp 003)(for men and women)

Many of the worries of people living in Vietnam are hair loss, fine hair, and thinning hair.

To solve such a problem . we use cleansing oil, scalp shampoo, scalp treatment, scalp serum, special machine. scalp will return to the thick and dense state as shown in the figure on the right.

*The photo on the right shows the results of using a beauty essence on the scalp in the morning and evening at home for 3 months and performing the treatment at the salon once every 15 days

3 There are 5 private room type spa spaces

AUBE HAIR & SPA has 5 spa and treatment spaces on the 3rd floor.

Healing music that is different from the cut space is played, and daily fatigue is healed while burning aroma.

In particular, the use of smartphones is increasing year by year, and many people get tired of their heads and necks.

In addition to the head spa, we also offer a full body massage service.

We also have massage specialists, so you will be satisfied.

4 The store is open until 9 pm on Weekdays.

Many beauty salons in Ho Chi Minh are closed at 7 or 8 o’clock.

but AUBE is closed at 9 o’clock on weekdays.

(* Closed at 8pm on Saturday,Holiday and 7pm on Sunday)

  1. I want to go to the beauty salon on weekdays because I am busy on weekends.
  2. I want to go salon from work, but I can’t make it in time.
  3. Shampoo and hair dryer at night are troublesome, and sometimes I want time to heal
  4. The school has become an online class and my child is always at home and can’t go to the beauty salon during the day.

I think there are many people who think like that.

5There is a technical guarantee period

sometime customer feel after going back home that

  1. 「this color is not what I wanted」
  2. 「after wash my hair, It’s difficult to manage my hair」
  3. 「my perm is too natural or too curly」
  4. 「straight perm didn’t work」

In order to satisfy all of you, please contact us within 2 weeks and come to our store if you have any concerns after result. We will fix your hair for free.

Process of head spa & Tokio treatment

Customer Feedback


we set the price based on “a salon that you can go to once a month”.

with using high quality products, you can have hair service more reasonable price than other Ho Chi Minh beauty salons.



(Owner1530k→1360K)(Top Stylist 1270k→1050K)  


(Owner3400k〜→2900K〜(Top Stylist 3050k〜→2600K〜)  


(Owner3800k〜→3200K〜)(Top Stylist 3250k〜→2800K〜)  

CUT + STRAIGHT+ HEADSPA+003Trisyscore TREATMENT ( for frizzy hair+500k)

(Owner3800k〜→3200K〜)(Top Stylist 3250k〜→2800K〜)  


(Owner5200k〜→4160K〜)(Top Stylist 4650k〜→3400K〜)  


(Owner5000k〜→4200K〜)(Top Stylist 4450k〜→3300K〜) 

*under shoulder length +200k〜400k no need hair cut -300k


HEAD SPA + Millbon treatment

1550K→1050K 75min (home care treatment+pro care machine)

Dr.Scalp HEAD SPA + 003Trisyscore treatment

2000K→1650K 75min (home care treatment+pro care machine)


Vietnamese manager /Vietnamese stylist

520000VND /390000VND

Japanese Owner


Fringe & Eyebrows Cut 



Retouch (within 3cm , not inc wash &blowdry) 


Full Color /Short / Medium / Long 

1000000VND / 1200000VND/ 1400000VND

Design Color (Bleach & color / Balayage & color)*one time bleach price

Short /Medium /Long 

1900000VND〜 / 2300000VND〜 /2900000VND〜 

Highlight or Lowlight Color /Half /Full  

800000VND /1600000VND〜 

Point Bleach 


* short = chin | medium = armpit | long = under armpit


Cosme Perm/ Digital Perm /Front Perm -(not inc wash &blowdry)

1400000VND ~/ 1800000VND ~/ 600000VND 


Retouch (within 6cm)/ Full /Front-(not inc wash &blowdry)

1600000VND/ 1800000VND ~2500000VND/ 800000VND  

Straightening for frizzy hair

Retouch (within 6cm) /Full /Front -(not inc wash &blowdry)

2000000VND /2500000VND ~3000000VND /1000000VND 


MillbonTreatment  grand Linkage 4-step(home care treatment with pro care machine)


 003 trisyscore treatment (home care treatment with pro care machine)


Olaplex (with pro care machine)


keratin treatment  (KERATHERAPY)



Shampoo & Blowdry 

Shampoo & Blowdry 

200000VND〜 (curl or straight +100000VND)


millbon 3step 60 min /Dr . scalp spa 5step 60min 

750000VND /750000VND 

* including wash & blow time


please Booking by Messenger or Line or Phone

please make an appointment by Messenger or phone.

when we are busy , sometimes we reply messege a little late . so if you are in hurry, please feel free to call us.

(*Japanese owner is working 1/2〜12/2 ,1/3〜15/3)


Address ; 49 Trương Định, Ward, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh


Opening hours

Weekday     11am〜9pm(close every Monday )

Saturday Holiday 10am〜8pm 

Sunday    10am〜7pm

*Last appointment on Weekday 

(Saturday Holidayー2hours、Sunday ー3hours for all services)

cut 8pm  
spa 7.30pm   (body massage ー30min)
cut spa 7pm  (body massageー30min)
cut color 7pm
cut perm 6.30pm
cut straight 6.30pm
cut color spa 6pm
cut perm spa 5.30pm
cut straight spa 5.30pm
cut color perm  5pm
cut color straight 5pm

Customer Q&A

Q:How long does it take for service?

Cut, shampoo around 1 hour
Cut, color (without bleaching) around 2 hours (if you add bleaching) around 4 hours
Cut, perm around 3 hours
Cut, straight around 3 hours
it will take +1 hour for additional spas and treatments.

  • process time is depending on the design.

Q:I bleached last time. Can i perm?

I’m sorry, it’s very difficult to perm after bleach.
it’ll make your hair serious damage.
We recommend perm after your hair condition has been improved.

Q:I did a straight perm last time. and I would like to do a wave perm, is it possible?

Basically no. but there are many cases of hair conditions. It depends on the strength of the previous straight perm and how many times the straight perm was done. Even if you do, the curl will be weak and easy to remove. We will carefully counsel and suggest what is the best for you.

Q:How long will the treatment last?

MILBON treatment will generally last for 2-3 weeks generally .

the water quality is different from another country and it contains a lot of fluorine
so the treatment is easy to fade out. At our shop, you can take home care treatments .

It will last treatment affect longer if you use it twice a week.
We recommend TOKIO treatment for those who feel troublesome doing care at home or who want to experience more affects. It lasts for about 4 weeks, and the hair quality improves every time you do it.

*it is easier to fade out if you take a lot of UV rays or swim in the sea or pool.

*There are individual differences in the actual feeling of the effect.

Q:Is it possible to have two chemical menus (ex; color and straight) at the same time?

Yes, you can have two chemical services the same time. Please let us know when you make a reservation. However, due to consideration for hair damage, we will not accept two chemical services at the same time for customers with strong hair damage.
Thank you for your understanding